How to start MathFrame++


1. Unzip the downloaded package to a directory of your choice (keep the directory structure from the ZIP)

2. Make sure you have MSFLEXGRD.OCX installed and registered. This normally lives in the system32 directory; if it is not registered correctly, try "regsvr32 MSFLEXGRD.OCX".
If this component is missing, MathFrame++ will start, but will crash upon the first MLL invocation.

3. Optional: if you also want to compile the main program (this is NOT necessary for compiling MLL's though), download and install ImageMagick and Expat from SourceForge and setup your lib and include paths to also point to these components.

ImageMagick - download and install it from SourceForge:
Expat - download and install it from SourceForge:
MSFLEXGRD (this will not cause compiler errors, but MathFrame++ will not function without it)

How to start MathFrame++

If you installed MathFrame++ to a directory called MATHFRAME, goto MATHFRAME\bin and start MathFrame.exe from there.

You can then call Load from the file menu, browse through the sample directories and load MLLs.

You may also consider associating MLLs with MathFrame.exe - just double click on an MLL and in the dialog appearing afterwards, select MATHFRAME\bin\MathFrame.exe as associated program. From then on you can start MLLs by just doubleclicking them.