MathFrame++ is a framework for mathematical and scientific programs written in C++, running on Intel compatible PCs under Microsoft Windows (95/98/ME or 2000/XP). The main emphasize of the MathFrame++ framework is on easy graphics visualization; another focus is on allowing easy procedural programming, very similar to classical non object oriented programming and yet at the same time let the application take advantage of all the features of a modern operating system, like multithreading, cut-and-paste, window resizing a.s.o.

The basic design principle is: take a classical program that has one main routine that runs from beginning to end and allow that to be ported with minimal fuss to the MathFrame++ framework. MathFrame++ is however not simply a library or dll - it is an active application with its own process; the user program that will be executed must be written as a DLL with one entry point (similar to the C main function). In MathFrame++ terminology this is called an MLL.

The user MLL will automatically be executed in its own thread, and as long as some very basic design principles are not violated in the MLL, more than one instance of such an MLL can run simultaneously in the same process (which safes operating system resources);
the MLL will therefore normally not need to do any user interface programming - everything that is needed to control program execution and graphics display is automatically there.

The graphics display is interactive in the sense that it runs in parallel with the program, not afterwards (no batch)

An example:

MLL C++ code

The graphical output: